Reiki and Skipton Castle

//Reiki and Skipton Castle

Reiki and Skipton Castle

Skipton CastlePatrycza introduced me to Reiki healing about a year ago and I have had a number of healing sessions since then with Patrycza and other Reiki healers she partners with.

For me, every Reiki session is unique and profoundly healing in it’s own way. Yet tonight’s session was very different and very unexpected.

My mind was especially busy at the start of the session and it took me a few minutes to settle down and notice what effects the healing was having. Dark earthy colours of browns, reds and greys were present and they were accompanied by a feeling of solidity, strength and protection, but I also felt many dark emotions.

Impressions of my visit to Skipton Castle the previous day came to me at the same time, but these impressions seemed of a different scale and magnitude than the ones I experienced on the day of the visit. During Reiki, I seemed to be presented with much deeper layers of information about the event.

During my visit I dutifully walked from room to room, reading wall plaque after wall plaque about the castle. The history of the place was fascinating and I really enjoyed the experience. Now here I was, during a Reiki session, seeing that day in quite a different light.

My intellect and normal senses became disengaged, as they always are during Reiki, and I seemed to be “feeling” the castle visit with senses that transcend the normal. I noticed that I had entered into mineral structure of the castle and sensed that its walls had recorded all the lives that had been lived there. The emotions, the anger, the hopes, the fears, and the longings of the castle inhabitants, throughout its history, seemed to be written into its walls.

The feeling and gathering of information from the stone structure of the castle was sensed on many different levels, but was primarily centred within my heart and solar plexus. The process was also two-way and I felt myself “healing” that structure at the same time. I had the strong impression of a conversation going on between this “living” structure, and myself, and the exchange was multi-layers and highly nourishing.

I went to Skipton Castle for a pleasant day out, but now I saw there was a job I was responsible for and the Reiki session allowed me to have a glimpse what that job was. I felt that a deeper part of me was travelling through time and healing historical stresses. Impressions that had become dark, dense, and as immovable as those castle walls, had become stuck and my job was to help release them.

I was still in this process, and enjoying those dark colours and impressions, when brighter colour started making their way in. At first I resisted them, as I felt my job had not finished in this heavy place, but irresistibly a brighter and lighter world started to take over.

I now found myself in a world of bright structures. In contrast with the dark, dense, heavy, immobile world I previously enjoyed, this world was full of light and brilliant colour.

The predominant colour was gold, but there were many other colours, like gems inlayed within the gold. The structures around me were semi-transparent, allowing light to shine through them. Like the castle walls, the structures were mineral and crystalline in nature but not at all fixed, static or confining.

I seemed to be sitting in a chair in a room, but neither the shape of the chair or the walls surrounding me were fixed. All the structures of the “house” I was in spontaneously responded to my thoughts and I could change their shapes at will.

Looking back at this experience, it all seems like the contents of a dream, but at the time I felt totally awake and even fully aware of the present and the room we were having Reiki in. I was completely present in this world and in this time, but I also had a clear vision of other worlds and other times. I went hundreds of years into the past and perhaps hundreds of years into the future but stayed fully awake in the here-and-now.

The one big thing I have gained from this healing session is a strong sense of one of my life jobs – to heal history. This expression is probable an over-simplified and perhaps misleading job description – and I can’t yet explain what this really means – but I know what this healing feels like and it feels very familiar, as if I have done it many times.

Well-done Reiki!

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