Becoming the One – my story

//Becoming the One – my story

Becoming the One – my story

I was born in Poland in January 1980, and as I recall my upbringing now somehow it seems dominated by quite a big number of false believes.

In those days I thought that life just happens to us; it’s not easy; you have to struggle your way through it; danger might be around the corner; there are good and bad people (so watch out for baddies), and generally the world is not a happy place for the majority of beings. On top of that the idea of god that was presented to me (I’ve always questioned my Catholic upbringing) wasn’t coming from the most loving place either, as there were so many rules to follow with a threat of death/sin if, for instance, you missed Sunday mass or evening prayer. My childhood god was a rather angry ruler who ended up pointing me towards agnosticism.

I was always interested in communication and psychology, ending up with a degree from University of Warsaw in politics, specialising in political marketing.

It was during those years when I had learned Transcendental Meditation, and while researching for my thesis, had an ‘aha’ moment that all religions and political systems and disciplines derive from the same field of ONEness (the unified field as Maharishi described it). I began to see how everything is connected and influenced by our collective consciousness or joint belief systems and realised that as an individual I always have a choice what I want to believe in and how I want to perceive things.

Although making that choice is not always an easy thing, I’ve also discovered that it can either come from the FEAR (separated perspective) and be perceived as bad, or UNITY (love based perspective, that ONEness) and be seen as good.

I’ve learned through many wonderful authors and teachers that when we feel separation we are unhappy and all negative emotions seem at play, life might even feel like hell. On the contrary when we experience the feeling of love and acceptance that’s when we are in the ONE and life gets better and better – we have more fun and feel fulfilment and bliss. We literally start living inside-out and begin to see how our internal ideas and thoughts about reality influence and co-create it.

TM has initiated that unity for me and literally turned my life around. I’ve moved up to the north of England to meditate with a large group of people in the Golden Dome in Skelmersdale.

It was then that I also realised about the power of group healing (the so-called Maharishi effect). I have spent many years in the Dome transcending, practising advanced TM techniques, shifting my stresses and opening up towards more ideas and different modalities.

ONE of these modalities is Maharishi Ayurveda (science of life), which teaches about the qualities of different energies and aims to improve life and bring wellbeing.

I was very fond of Maharishi’s teaching and loved his take on many things. His famous quote ‘UNITY within DIVERSITY’ summarises what Being the ONE really means.

TM led me to Reiki

In Skelmersdale I met many wonderful and like-minded people. A close friend, who is also a meditator has had a particularly big influence on me. Meidi Goodson, a remarkable lady and a therapist with massive zest for living the life of your dreams, introduced me to Reiki.

As her case study I received six ONE-to-ONE sessions over a period of six weeks. Every time I had Reiki I felt like my heart exploded with love and appreciation (very similar to when I was meditating in a big group), and each week seemed easier going than the ONE before, and I began to see more ways to improve my life. I was hooked and decided to get attuned too. When I did, oh boy, the idea that my HANDS can heal felt like magic!

Reiki had taken my life to another and very profound dimension – I’ve opened up even more into experimenting with self-help tools like EFT, hypnosis, NLP, energy medicine etc, working with many wonderful therapists. My appreciation for each of them has been growing ever since.

Somehow Reiki works like an orchestrator for all the modalities and areas I have come into contact with, extracting and tailoring the most suitable and needed elements in the process of unfolding my true self.

Through Reiki I came to a conclusion that the beauty of living from the place of ONEness means we can embrace every tool there is without a need to undermine anything that doesn’t seem to work for us instantly at the time. In the same way I see the connection between the practice of meditation and Reiki and see how both enhance and complement each other, as ultimately the same source energy underlines them.

Those tools have had a knock-on effect on the beliefs from my childhood, replacing them with new ideas and enabling me to see beauty in every living creature.

I have become a Reiki machine

Reiki has become my thing and my lifestyle because of its simplicity and infinite applications.

I have become a Master, lover, teacher, practitioner, giver and taker of Reiki. At times I feel I’m an ultimate Reiki machine. I Reiki my children, my food, my house, my car and friends, my family, past and future events. I Reiki my desires and decisions. I clear traffic jams with Reiki energy and watch my life unfold in fun and beautiful ways.

Reiki is my passion, which I want to share with everyOne with whom it resonates.

Be The One – Be powered by Reiki.

It will be a great pleasure to hear from you and help you reconnect with ONEness.

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