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Be the One – Powered by Reiki

The mission of Be the One is to promote wellbeing through the practice of Reiki. We accomplish this in cooperation with other Reiki Masters and practitioners, as well as businesses and organisations that have the aim of holistic wellness.

My name is Patrycza Altynska and I am the founder of Be the One. My realisation of Oneness came through the practice of Reiki. I am a fully certified and experienced Reiki Master and teacher and a member of UK Reiki Federation.

I was attuned to Reiki Level 1 and 2 in 2012 by a beautiful lady called Carol-Anne Frazer who runs her holistic centre at Inglewood, Lancashire. I did my final Reiki Master attunement in June 2013 at Stonehenge, where I met some wonderful Reiki colleagues with whom I now run group sessions.

A couple of years ago, inspired by the power of group meditations, I came up with an idea to organise group Reiki healing sessions. I introduced the idea at a PTA meeting at my children’s school.

The aim was to bring deep healing and relaxation to teachers and parents, create a special atmosphere for our children and raise funds for the school.

Since then we have been running many successful sessions at Newburgh primary school in Lancashire and yoga centres in Liverpool.

Feedback has been truly remarkable. Our sessions have become popular, showing true potential and the infinite possibilities of Reiki healing power… becoming ONE in togetherness.

Be the One was born to connect and share this absolutely amazing practice with others in the most beautiful ways, bringing many benefits to every person we treat.

If you would like to experience a Reiki session yourself there are a few options you can choose from:

  • One-to-one session
  • Distant healing session
  • Group healing session

For more information either contact us here or follow our Facebook page: Be the One.

We aim to develop Reiki healing group sessions all around the UK. If you are a Reiki practitioner or Master and would like to join us please get in touch here.

Patrycza Altynska, Reiki master

Patrycza Altynska, Reiki Master

Be the One – Be on top of the world, feel special, be your true self, be comfortable, see positive, embrace the negative, feel connected, feel peace within, find peace outside, have fun, be fun, be authentic, be true to yourself and others, be creative, be who you really are, align with your true power, be empowered, recognise it in others, be a great team player, bring the best out in yourself and others, shine your light, allow the light of others to shine on you, enjoy life!